Homestead Updates

1. The month of musicals has finally come to a close and I have my husband back. Phew!  He has had a hard time with his career this month, as he often left just as the baby was getting up to eat and got home after she was put to bed at night.  I waited up for him if he was able to get home before 10:00, and although it’s been tiring I’m glad that I did.  Being a stay-at-home parent to a young baby can be isolating, and if not for our quick chats over a glass of wine each night I’m sure I would have felt more lonely.

He has missed out on so many baby milestones and doesn’t even feel fulfilled by the work he is doing, so the long hours in a suit and tie don’t seem worth it to him anymore. I know plenty of people who think we’re crazy for it but we would do anything to work side by side each day!  It motivates me to work more diligently on our farm.  Maybe someday we can grow our operation enough so he can join in full time.

2. I made a giant batch of pastured pork trotter stock. This stuff is liquid gold!  It is so gelatinous. Maybe that’s not an appetizing word, but it’s the right one. It is so rich, buttery, and satisfying. Tonight for dinner I used it as a base for one of our family favorite meals, build-your-own noodle bowls.  I also froze five more quarts.  We’ve got happy, warm bellies.

3. I got a head start on our stash of baby food since that adventure will be happening in a month or so.  Right now I have apple, Asian pear, sweet potato, parsnip, and carrot, all of which were storage crops purchased in bulk from local farmers.  (Did you know that you can’t give home-canned fruits and vegetables to babies?  I am so thankful for our year-round market so we have access to these products even in the cold months!)  I froze them in ice cube trays, then transferred them to freezer bags.  Each cube is roughly one tablespoon in size.  I can easily use them in soups and smoothies, too!

IMG_20170327_080759_1634. Good stuff going on with the nightshades we started a week ago.  So far almost all of the tomatoes have germinated, but we are still waiting on peppers, tomatillos, and eggp
lant. I started more than I originally planned so I can have more seedlings to share with my parents.  Later this week I will share more specific germination notes.

5. The fruit trees have been pruned, and now we are just waiting on the four new additions. They were originally scheduled to arrive yesterday but sudden below-freezing temperatures (14°F) delayed them. Right now it’s looking like April 1st is the day.

A busy weekend but a good one nonetheless.  I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!


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