Disappointing Email + Reworking the Orchard

Well, I’m bummed.  I just got an email that the pear trees we placed an order for back in January are no longer available this year and won’t be again until spring 2018.  I know my husband was looking forward to getting the orchard completed this year, somewhat because he’s excited about homegrown fruit but mostly because he wants to be done digging holes in the yard.  But regardless, I took to my notepad and sketched a new plan that would make for easy expansion next year.  Here’s what I’m going with:


Last year we planted three semi-dwarf cherry (1 each Montmorency, Hardy Giant, Black Tartarian) and six semi-dwarf apple (2 Cox’s Orange Pippin, 1 each Northern Spy, Spitzenburg, Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious).  This year we’re adding three dwarf peach (Elberta Queen, July Elberta, Early White Giant) and one dwarf plum (Stanley Prune).  Next year we’ll finish with three dwarf pear (Beurre Bosc, Bartlett, Anjou) and one more dwarf plum (hopefully Green Gage!).

But here’s the silver lining!  I was $9 away from free shipping, and shipping was going to be $20, so I decided to use those $20 more wisely and pick more plants!  Needless to say we’ll be getting two honeyberry plants with our fruit tree order.  Don’t ask me where they’re going to be planted, though.  I’ll figure it out before they get here this weekend.


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