Baby Humans and Baby Chickens

Today, my husband went out to run errands before his show this afternoon.  He told me he was going to swing into Tractor Supply Company to see what chicks they had this weekend.  Last weekend, they had unsexed assorted Bantams and Leghorns.  But this time they had unsexed Rhode Island Reds and ISA Brown pullets.  So after some reading, despite having my heart set on the Australorps, I decided to go with the ISA Browns because their description fit the bill and we don’t want males.  My husband came home with six of these little cutie pies.  I think they’re adjusting to their brooder box well.  Thanks to The Cape Coop for these DIY brooder box plans!

ISA Brown chickens are a hybrid, bred to be extremely productive layers of large brown eggs.  I’m certain that we’ll get our Australorps eventually, but these seem like good first backyard chickens.  They’re apparently very quiet, docile, and friendly, plus they lay eggs sooner than other breeds.  Or so I read!  Time will tell.

Now, when I first wrote that I thought I was up to the task of raising baby chicks for the first time, my baby was being a rock star sleeper.  She had just wrapped up a growth spurt and was back to a few long naps and was sleeping 9-9.5 hours straight during the night (and yes, I did have a glass of red wine after I was certain she had fallen asleep!).  However, last night was atrocious, and today hasn’t been much better.  Hey, I have off days, too!  I figured if things were going so beautifully sleep-wise I was owed a curveball.  My sister said there is a 4 month sleep regression.  Is that a thing?  Anyway, now my husband has set up a space for these precious little creatures and I’m sitting here typing this and hoping I didn’t bite off more than I can chew.

“Every day is a new day.”  That’s my new motto.


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