Bedtime Thoughts

I set a goal for myself to at least write every Thursday and Sunday so I thought I’d squeeze in a few words before I go to bed.

Now that the baby is out of the newborn stage her routine is becoming more predictable (strong emphasis on the word “becoming”!). Most nights she gets up only once to eat and most days she has a relatively consistent routine. Her first nap is the longest and typically gives me enough time to squeeze in some exercise and a bit of farm work, and her shorter naps can be used for tidying up around the house and cooking dinner.  I’ve heard I should nap along with her but I am not good at sitting still!

One of the hardest things for me about breastfeeding and caring for a newborn without local family (especially while recovering from a cesarean) has been the changes in my body.  As someone who does most of the work on her farm by hand, the loss of strength and mobility is a scary thing and a major setback.  It will be a long time before I can do as much as I used to.  And as such, my plans need to be tweaked accordingly.

After doing a lot of reading this week I’ve decided that we are going to grow in nine 4×8 raised beds this year.  By the square foot, it’s a much smaller garden than I’m used to but it will be smart to scale back this year. That being said, I’m using this as an opportunity to better develop our biointensive practices as well as incorporate vertical growing and intercropping techniques.

More words on this later on.  Sweet dreams!


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